All events are confirmed with its booking fee and operation costs accepted in advance – no date in our calendar is guaranteed without initial payment. 
Once confirmed that this has been paid we will send you out a receipt of payment and your date in the calendar will be guaranteed with full door cover charge will be available to you. 
This booking fee is refundable until 7 days before the event – any cancellation or change made after this time will come at cost of initial charge. 
All bookings made after January 31st 2019 will in the remittance of  booking fee (120) for the evening for the use of the house equipment – and operation costs (120) will be applicable for the sound technician / lighting technician who will make sure the event runs smoothly. 

Additional equipment specified for each event outside of our basic package offerings will have to be made at time of booking and will incur further costing per item hired.

Our terms and conditions are that no outside operators are permitted to use the equipment. 
If it is insistent that a band or promoter is to allocate their own technician to use the system – operation costs are still applicable for our in house team to preside over outside operations.

Any further details to previous nights that you have hosted/ organised are recommended to be forwarded to us, including examples of sounds/ mixes/ recordings and posters or other general material for us to get an idea of your history.