for promoters and bands



The Menagerie has an open door booking policy, giving their best to support live music in Belfast.

Live acts, bands, budding promoters, comedy shows,
fund-raisers and club nights from a variety of genres are welcome to promote their own shows.

For all enquiries on entertainment bookings, please email us to forward details of your proposal including sets / mixes / past examples to set up a chat

*all new bookings will be made in person and will require a deposit:


– We want everyone to be able to come and enjoy the space we created for engaging with quality music, but we also need you to adhere to and respect our terms.

– The Menagerie has a strict over 19+ door policy —- 21+ on Saturday nights

– This applies to everyone (band members, acts, promoters and audience).
If you look like a young ‘un, identification is required! No I.D. means no access.
Minors are not permitted even with parents/guardians/older relatives in attendance.

– We only accept a valid passport, foreign national ID cards, driving license or home office approved PASS hologram as identification and/or proof of age. Originals only please, we can’t accept photocopies.

– Anyone found with illegal drugs will be banned from the venue and reported to the police.
Anyone found to be asking for drugs or offering drugs will be banned from the venue and reported to the police.

– Entry/exit searches and the right to search whilst inside the venue/smoking area is a condition of entry. The entry search is mandatory, the others will be at the discretion of venue management.

– Your ticket is valid all night long, however please arrive as early as possible.

– Curfew is set at 12:30 – regular nights late entries will be charged £10 entry fee.
Special events will incur further costing at managements decision.

– Management reserve the right to refuse entry.



– When reserving The Menagerie for events, all bands/promoters are responsible for booking the line-up and for advertising the event.

– All calander events incur a room hire fee of £120 paid on agreement of booking. All deposits are to be made at time of booking. An event will not be guaranteed on the calander until full deposit is paid.

– Full line-up, press release 60-70 words (with as much relevant information as possible) & artwork should be forwarded to – preferably 6-8 weeks before the event.

– The event will then be included on both our website, social media channels & in-house advertising. 

– Artwork can also be provided by our inhouse team and will be billed at a suitable costing. If artwork is not provided within the alloted time, artwork will be provided and billed at a suitable rate.

– Posters may be put up in the Menagerie provided only a blu-tac style adhesive is used.
Menagerie Inns Ltd does not authorise any fly posting or distribution of flyers.

– When further equipment is to be brought on site it is the responsibility of the booker / promoter / band to ensure that equipment is transported to and from the site within arranged times suitable to management.

– Any specific P.A. requirements are the band/promoters responsibility. It is the band/promoter’s responsibility to pay for their sound technician and front line equipment (desk, mics and leads etc). 

– Bands/promoters are responsible for any back-line required.

– The Menagerie has a modern projector and big screen located on the back wall of the room which is both DVD and laptop compatible with an extra long VGA lead to reach the projector which is fitted on the ceiling. We encourage you to make use of this facility as it will greatly enhance the visual aspect of the event as well as adding a professional and personal touch.

– The Menagerie Bar is available for load-in from 4pm at the earliest. 
No access before 4pm unless previously agreed.

– All acts must finish by the agreed curfew. 

– All equipment should be cleared away at the end of the night. Any equipment left behind is done so at the owner’s risk. The stage area should be left cleared and clean.

– No pyrotechnics. No additional smoke machines. Any additional stage lighting, sound systems or stage props are to be approved by management.

– At all times (even before doors open) there will be: No ‘riders’ permitted and no consumption of carry-out drink.
Failure to comply with any request made by management may result in that act/promoter being blacklisted from any future events and/or the gig being pulled. Management decision is final.

– Guest performers (DJ, bands, etc) should be advised that any portable electrical appliances brought onto site should be in a good condition, and subject to a portable appliance testing regime. Where test records are not available, a visual inspection of the leads and plugs could be undertaken by the duty manager. 

 – If a piece of equipment is deemed unsafe upon inspection, usage on site may be prohibited. In this case the Menagerie will be unable to provide an alternative.