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Check out our list of DJs and Guest Artists for the coming parties. Groove to the music of your favourite artists and get a chance to listen to the upcoming talents.

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Serving as the perfect setting for DJ/live events, weddings, birthdays, engagement drinks or christmas parties, we have great style, a charming location in South Belfast not far from bustling Botanic Avenue – and most importantly – an organised and enthusiastic team dedicated to making every detail of your event a success

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Reasons To Try None Alcohol Music Fitness Events


Head into any gym, and you will more than likely be greeted by a barrage of gym users plugged into a variety of headsets listening to music.  Many venues and establishments also have big screens streaming music videos, sometimes with the sound off, or sometimes on for those who prefer not to be plugged in. Music is definitely the in thing for workouts says fitness trainers Right Path Fitness it gives you the extra push you need and at the same time makes your workouts fun. But why does it motivate you and improve your workout? and here are some reasons why should you try a none alcoholic music fitness event in a nightclub near you. 

How Music Motivates You and Improves Your Workouts


It Distracts the Mind


Getting through a series of lifts or powering through 10 minutes of running can often feel like a form of torture and users begin to doubt their reasons for even being in the gym.  However adding some music can help to distract your mind from the exercise in progress and aid you to power on through to the end. Various studies have concluded that the best music for the gym should be fast and heavy beats, and such is the popularity that whole collection albums have been released with some of the best on offer.


Gets You in the Zone


Whether your tunes of choice invoke memories or remind you of your fitness goals music is a powerful motivator.  Getting in the zone means that you will work harder and longer without noticing that you are tiring or feeling that you are wasting your time.  Channel your inner rock god and allow the music to take you to your zone where you will knock out a cracking workout that will soon show you physical improvement.


Stay on Track


Do you find yourself running to the beat, or adjusting the speed of the treadmill to match the beat? Music has that awesome effect and acts on the area of the brain responsible for motor skills.  Running at a constant pace is actually better than slowing and speeding up throughout the workout so pick a couple of Fitness tunes with a similar beat and power on through.


Feel Good


Music has been around longer than the modern gym, and it comes as no surprise that it can change moods and mental health.  Upbeat, feel-good tunes are perfect for lifting the mood.  So if you are hitting the gym early in the morning or after a hard day in the office and would cheerfully be anywhere else, line up a feel-good playlist.  Not only do you get to hear your favourite tunes but you are also triggering the feel-good chemicals in the brain.  This should make getting through your workout with a smile easy.  Listening to songs designed to make you want to move are also an excellent way to enhance your workout. When your brain is stimulated to release feel-good hormones you are going to want to get up and move your body.  The more you move, the better your workout will be.  You can even dance your way between equipment!


The fact that music is good for motivation and improves workouts has been scientifically proven, so spend some time creating the perfect gym playlist and see the improvement for yourself.

Best Live Music Venues in the UK and Abroad

One of the best ways to see the bands you love is to catch them on tour. With demand for live concerts at an all-time high, the biggest priority for most venues is capacity. For most people seeing their music heroes is enough and the acoustics of the building or place are not so important. But to be fair, there are some venues across that really are the best for a live music experience.

The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

Although this venue is mostly synonymous with classical music and events like The Proms, you cannot undervalue the experience of seeing live music at The Royal Albert Hall. The grand and regal looking interior may look too formal for anything but the classics, but plenty of big named popular music acts have queued to play there. Traditionally, and somewhat quirkily, ice cream is always served during the interval which really just adds to the unforgettable experience.

Brixton Academy, London, UK

A name of rock gods.The Brixton Academy is a must visit venue for anyone who wants a truly authentic and exceptional live music experience. With first-rate acoustics and a sloping stage offering the audience the best views, it is easy to see why this ranks above the top live music venues.

Rock City, Nottingham, UK

Leaving the capital city, and heading north to Nottingham, Rock City is known as ‘the’ venue for rock bands. Loud but acoustically perfect the venue has played host to many big names over the decades. From David Bowie to Nirvana, many legends have graced the sate and this is a must visit venue for serious music moguls.

Sala Apolo, Barcelona

Doubling as a nightclub for the local area, this famous venue also plays host to some of the hottest acts around. While the main stage area is seating free for those who want to get down and boogie, the upper floor has a more casual and relaxed area for punters who want to sit, chill and enjoy the tunes.

Paradiso, Amsterdam

In the 19th century, this stunning venue was a church. It has since been tastefully converted and is now one of the best live music venues in Amsterdam. There is also a nightclub on site, but the names that have played this excellent place rank among some of the biggest music gods of all times. Think The Rolling Stones to Pink Floyd, to more recently Lady Gaga and Adele.
Skylark Lounge, Austin, Texas

Hopping across the pond, the number of live music venues in America are simply mind-blowing, so there is no way of narrowing down the best of the best, but the Skylark Lounge is certainly a powerful contender. A small but intimate venue the acoustics are first-rate, and the experience is something that will stay with you forever.

There are so many excellent live music venues all over the world it would be impossible to list them all, but certainly there are times when it pays to see your favourite band in a smaller venue designed specifically for live music rather than a multipurpose giant venue only really interested in capacity.


Easy Tips to Have Your Best Time at Clubs

Clubs may seem like a fun place to hang out for celebrating, but the more constant you are in going to clubs, the less interested you will get overtime. It is due to the fact that you run out of things to do in the club. Clubs are dark, loud, crowded places with their own rules and etiquette. It is filled with people who come there to have a good time and make new connections. When you plan on going to a club and want to meet your expectations, then you will need a few extra steps. These tips will help you enjoy your time better at clubs.

Do research

All clubs are not alike and may have their own types of ambience and service that you may want to consider. Whether you want to go to a simpler and much quieter club or you want to go the one with loud music playing all the time? Do they play your favourite genre? How is the ratings of the people who have come here before? You need to find out where you will be comfortable in the overall feeling that the club is providing you.

Dress well

A club is a place where you can make many connections. You can even stumble upon the love of your life. This is one place where you want to dress to impress. Your choice of clothes should match the theme of the club. Wear something that gets you comfortable and not make you look like you have come for some business unless you have. If the club has a theme going on, you might as well find something that suits the occasion. It is okay if you attract more attention with your dress rather having no one to look at you inside the club.


Make new friends

This is an opportunity to socialize and make new friends. Of course, you will have your own friends to tag along, but this is the time where you should be taking a few extra steps to make connections. When everyone in the club is having a good time, it will be easier for you to get along. You will find all types of people in the club, so it depends on you whether you are looking for like-minded people or completely different personalities.

Get Intoxicated

The best way to enjoy your entire night at the club is to keep all your worries outside the door when you enter the club. It is a place where you can lose yourself for some time. The music is loud and the lights the creating a psychedelic environment. It will be difficult for you to contemplate what is going on inside the club. Even at such a place if you want to stay normal and not want to get involved in something crazy, then you should not be inside the club in the first place. It is a place where you set yourself free of your daily life and try to be a completely different person.

Beer Drinker

The Beer Drinker’s Guide for Non-Beer Drinker

Not everybody like beer, and many have their own preferences for a specific type of beer. If you have had terrible first-time experience because you bought some cheap beet that was not even chilled properly, then you deserve better. It might get challenging for you to pick a new beer for you since you do not know anything about their description or ingredients. This guide will help you get a better understanding of what types of beer types you can try out as a non-beer drinker.

The three common ingredients

There are three ingredients used in every beer that gives it that chilly, bitter taste. They are yeast, barley, and hops. The taste of the beer will differ only because of the balance of each ingredient in the drink. Yeast provides the spicy, fruity, and neutral flavours. Hops can have different flavours ranging from citrus to herbal, piney, flora, tropical, or earthy. Barley has the sugar that is converted into alcohol by the yeast during the fermentation process. It creates flavours like coffee, caramel, dark fruit, or chocolate.

The beers that contain more hops are not bitter in all the cases. Hops is capable of making a bitter beer only when it is added before the fermentation process. Another thing to know is that barley is known as ‘malt’ which is prepared and used in the brewhouse.

Some key beer terms to learn

Now that you know what the ingredients are, the next step is to learn about a few more terms which will help you categorize the beers better on the basis of taste, alcohol content, and even quality. The most common terms used in the beer menu are ABV, Imperial, and IBUs.

ABV means alcohol by volume. In this category, the beers will be listed based upon their alcohol content. You can easily determine how strong beer is by checking the alcohol percentage.

Imperial is the term used to address the beers which have ABV greater than 7.5%. They are the beers which are too strong for beginners. You should be trying these out only when you feel prepared and safe.

IBUs means International Bittering Units. It is the measure of bitterness in a beer which can be scaled between 0 to 100 (0 for no bitterness, 100 from highly bitter). There is actually no limit for how bitter beer can get, but 100 is a standard mark after which only a few people remain with such taste.


Different types of beer

Now all that remains for you to learn about beer is the types in which they are available. You might have seen different types of beer, but you may still not know what to call them.

Pale ales are the beers which are typically light in colour and have a hoppy bitterness level in its flavour.

Amber ales is amber in colour and have more of barley flavours.

Brown ales are also known as porters and have deep barley flavours and low alcohol content. They may take taster sweeter than other types.

Stouts are similar to porters but have a more roast flavour. They can range from moderately sweet to bitter.

Wheat beers are similar to pale ales but wheat beers can either be fruity, spicy or have a bread-like aroma.


Top 5 Music Genres Played In Nightclubs

The nightclubs are always filled with life and energy where people come to be someone else for a while and enjoy themselves. The DJs play an important role in keeping them lost with their skills and collection of music. DJing is a trending profession that is emerging among youth. People are taking up the career after the footsteps of DJs who followed their passion for becoming known for their art. When you go to a nightclub, you can find a DJ playing loud music to keep everyone active and dancing on the floor. DJs play different genres of music based on the theme of the club or the event. Here are the five genres that you can hear in nightclubs.


The first choice for most of the nightclubs is EDM today as it is the most trending genre among youth. EDM or Electronic Dance Music was originated in the USA and Europe in the early 1980s. Today artists like Martin Garrix, David Guetta, and Alan Walker have made tracks that are best for a place filled with energetic people who want to enjoy their time.


Trap Music

Many clubs prefer the groove of the trap music, which is a sub-genre of Southern Hip-Hop in the Southern US. Trap music has a lot of hi-hats which makes the listener crave the music when they are a bit tipsy. It helps them stay awake with the snare, hi-hats, and a smooth melody playing in the background. Artists like Diplo, Troyboy, Good Times Ahead, are famous worldwide for making trap music.


HipHop is the only genre which can fit all occasions, from driving solo to enjoying the music in the clubs. HipHop music originated in the United States in the 1970s, which consists of rhythmic music and speech (rapping). HipHop is not just a music genre but a lifestyle that people adapt to open up to the world. It including MCing, DJing, Dancing, and Graffiti writing. It is a whole different definition of art which brings many together. JayZ, JCole, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem are some of the top artists whose music is enjoyed at the nightclubs all the time.



Trance is a sub-genre of EDM which is more sped up with 125-150 BPM. It got its roots from Germany when it was first introduced in the 1990s. The fast-paced beats and rhythm make it a suitable genre for nightclubs and pubs. Trance music has portrayed the mixing of layers which builds up in the beginning and releases at the peak. It can easily keep the crowd engages on the dance floor for hours.


The most authentic nightclub music genre is the house. It is electronic music which was originated in the early 1980s in Chicago. This genre of music became famous with artists like Madonna, Janet Jackson, Ludacris, and more. House music plays in the nightclubs all the time, which gives people a feel-good feeling while they can comfortably enjoy their time.