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Best Live Music Venues in the UK and Abroad

Best Live Music Venues in the UK and Abroad

One of the best ways to see the bands you love is to catch them on tour. With demand for live concerts at an all-time high, the biggest priority for most venues is capacity. For most people seeing their music heroes is enough and the acoustics of the building or place are not so important. But to be fair, there are some venues across that really are the best for a live music experience.

The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

Although this venue is mostly synonymous with classical music and events like The Proms, you cannot undervalue the experience of seeing live music at The Royal Albert Hall. The grand and regal looking interior may look too formal for anything but the classics, but plenty of big named popular music acts have queued to play there. Traditionally, and somewhat quirkily, ice cream is always served during the interval which really just adds to the unforgettable experience.

Brixton Academy, London, UK

A name of rock gods.The Brixton Academy is a must visit venue for anyone who wants a truly authentic and exceptional live music experience. With first-rate acoustics and a sloping stage offering the audience the best views, it is easy to see why this ranks above the top live music venues.

Rock City, Nottingham, UK

Leaving the capital city, and heading north to Nottingham, Rock City is known as ‘the’ venue for rock bands. Loud but acoustically perfect the venue has played host to many big names over the decades. From David Bowie to Nirvana, many legends have graced the sate and this is a must visit venue for serious music moguls.

Sala Apolo, Barcelona

Doubling as a nightclub for the local area, this famous venue also plays host to some of the hottest acts around. While the main stage area is seating free for those who want to get down and boogie, the upper floor has a more casual and relaxed area for punters who want to sit, chill and enjoy the tunes.

Paradiso, Amsterdam

In the 19th century, this stunning venue was a church. It has since been tastefully converted and is now one of the best live music venues in Amsterdam. There is also a nightclub on site, but the names that have played this excellent place rank among some of the biggest music gods of all times. Think The Rolling Stones to Pink Floyd, to more recently Lady Gaga and Adele.
Skylark Lounge, Austin, Texas

Hopping across the pond, the number of live music venues in America are simply mind-blowing, so there is no way of narrowing down the best of the best, but the Skylark Lounge is certainly a powerful contender. A small but intimate venue the acoustics are first-rate, and the experience is something that will stay with you forever.

There are so many excellent live music venues all over the world it would be impossible to list them all, but certainly there are times when it pays to see your favourite band in a smaller venue designed specifically for live music rather than a multipurpose giant venue only really interested in capacity.

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