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Reasons To Try None Alcohol Music Fitness Events

Reasons To Try None Alcohol Music Fitness Events


Head into any gym, and you will more than likely be greeted by a barrage of gym users plugged into a variety of headsets listening to music.  Many venues and establishments also have big screens streaming music videos, sometimes with the sound off, or sometimes on for those who prefer not to be plugged in. Music is definitely the in thing for workouts says fitness trainers Right Path Fitness it gives you the extra push you need and at the same time makes your workouts fun. But why does it motivate you and improve your workout? and here are some reasons why should you try a none alcoholic music fitness event in a nightclub near you. 

How Music Motivates You and Improves Your Workouts


It Distracts the Mind


Getting through a series of lifts or powering through 10 minutes of running can often feel like a form of torture and users begin to doubt their reasons for even being in the gym.  However adding some music can help to distract your mind from the exercise in progress and aid you to power on through to the end. Various studies have concluded that the best music for the gym should be fast and heavy beats, and such is the popularity that whole collection albums have been released with some of the best on offer.


Gets You in the Zone


Whether your tunes of choice invoke memories or remind you of your fitness goals music is a powerful motivator.  Getting in the zone means that you will work harder and longer without noticing that you are tiring or feeling that you are wasting your time.  Channel your inner rock god and allow the music to take you to your zone where you will knock out a cracking workout that will soon show you physical improvement.


Stay on Track


Do you find yourself running to the beat, or adjusting the speed of the treadmill to match the beat? Music has that awesome effect and acts on the area of the brain responsible for motor skills.  Running at a constant pace is actually better than slowing and speeding up throughout the workout so pick a couple of Fitness tunes with a similar beat and power on through.


Feel Good


Music has been around longer than the modern gym, and it comes as no surprise that it can change moods and mental health.  Upbeat, feel-good tunes are perfect for lifting the mood.  So if you are hitting the gym early in the morning or after a hard day in the office and would cheerfully be anywhere else, line up a feel-good playlist.  Not only do you get to hear your favourite tunes but you are also triggering the feel-good chemicals in the brain.  This should make getting through your workout with a smile easy.  Listening to songs designed to make you want to move are also an excellent way to enhance your workout. When your brain is stimulated to release feel-good hormones you are going to want to get up and move your body.  The more you move, the better your workout will be.  You can even dance your way between equipment!


The fact that music is good for motivation and improves workouts has been scientifically proven, so spend some time creating the perfect gym playlist and see the improvement for yourself.

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