Best Cast Iron Teapot 2022

Looking for the Best Cast Iron Teapot 2022

Best Cast Iron Teapot 2022

1. Toptier Japanese Cast Iron Teapot

Tea Kettle, TOPTIER Japanese Cast Iron Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser, Cast Iron Tea Kettle Stovetop Safe, Leaf Design Teapot Coated with Enameled Interior for 32 Ounce (950 ml), Light Green

A touch of Japanese style will come to your house with this elegant Cast Iron Teapot. Toptier offers us a wide range of choices as it provides us with 15 vastly different colors.

Even it takes quite a long time to heat up; I fall in love with this teapot as it has excellent durability as well as outstanding ability to retain heat.

It is ideal for 2-3 people with 3-4 cups. You can not only use it for teatime but also coffee. During the boiling process, this teapot releases the elements of Fe2+, which is beneficial for your health.

As some customers don’t feel comfortable with stray leaves inside their tea, a Stainless Steel infuser will keep the loose leaves and water apart. It also makes cleaning much easier.

Although this teapot’s capacity is up to 950 ml, which means 32 oz, it is recommended to fill it with only 750 ml of water.


  • Beneficial to your health
  • Various colors to choose
  • Easy to clean
  • Have enameled interior


  • The teapot’s paint can chip away if you clean it with dishwashing pads

2. Jueqi Old Dutch Cast Iron Teapot

JUEQI 900 ML Old Dutch Cast Iron Teapot, Enamel Craft Tetsubin Japanese Cast Iron Tea Kettle with Stainless Steel Infuser Strainer, Enamel-Coated Interior Suzaku Pattern

Made from heavy-duty Cast Iron, this teapot offers excellent heat retention. Furthermore, the interior is coated with lead-free enamel for two reasons.

The company wants to keep the tea fresh, giving customers a better experience. The taste will not remain embedded as the flavors can be rinsed away after use.
Furthermore, this feature allows for easy cleaning and preventing rust from building up.

The company provides us with different versions of patterns form silverfish, cherry blossoms, and peony. All of them have black painting covered, making it an elegant decoration for your house.


  • Elegant design
  • Different patterns available
  • Easy to clean
  • Release the elements of Fe2+


  • Need supervision when using on stovetops

3. Kendal 26oz Japanese Cast Iron Teapot set

6 Piece Japanese Cast Iron Pot Tea Set Black w/Trivet (26 oz)

If COOGOU Cast Iron Teapot Set doesn’t satisfy you, Kendal 26oz Japanese Cast Iron Teapot set is an excellent choice to consider. This teapot offers you 2-3 cups of tea at a time.

Thanks to the heavy Cast Iron material, this teapot can keep the tea hot for a long time. The included trivet in an excellent extra. The set consists of a 26oz Teapot, a trivet, and four 2oz teacups. All of them are crafted with Asian traditional patterns.

The green painting gives us a sense of antique. It can blend well in any décor style and preferences. This teapot resists trapping in flavors from other teas as well.

Furthermore, unlike other teapots, this product is compatible with flame, glass, and electric burner. However, never heat the teapot without the water.

The heavy Cast Iron will retain better heat inside to give you a better tea experience. However, its heavyweight might be a problem if you enjoy using lightweight housewares. It is also dangerous for your children when they want to try pouring tea water.


  • Comes with one trivet and four 2oz cups
  • Traditional design
  • Can break down Fe2+ elements
  • Compatible with many heat sources, including induction, flame, glass and electric stovetops


  • There has been a report of peeled off the inner protective coating

Why Use Cast Iron Teapots?

Why do you need to buy a Cast Iron Teapot when you can have a hot cup of tea by adding a tea bag into your cup and then hot water? Cast Iron Teapots have always been the most popular items in Western since they were imported from Asia.

High Heat Retention And Conduction Capacity

Teapots, especially those made from Cast Iron, provides a high heat retention
capacity. Cast Iron Teapot can keep your tea hot for up to 1.5 hours, depending on the teapot’s thickness.

Imagine a cold winter day when your tea can quickly get cold; this teapot allows you to spend hours on your armchair reading your favorite book. Sounds great, right?

Moreover, the excellent heat retention and conduction capacity allow you to make the most of the ingredients’ flavors. Whether you’re using a tea bag or loose leaves to brew, a Cast Iron enables these tea ingredients to give out their flavors.


A Cast Iron Teapot is well-known for its long-lasting capacity. Many Japanese families hand down their teapots through many generations. If you notice, most of the antique teapots nowadays are made of Cast Iron, proving their durable capacity from century to century.

Comparing to products that have the same high heat retention capacity, such as Ceramic or Stainless Steel, the longevity of Cast Iron Teapots is considerably higher.

While Ceramic teapots can get broken easily on impact, I don’t enjoy those of Stainless Steel as they don’t always blend well with other furniture and equipment any time I want to change my house decor style.

Improving The Quality of Water

Cast Iron Teapots can break down the elements of Fe2+, which makes the iron nutrition in boiling water much richer. It is recommended to consume 100 to 200 mg of elemental iron per day.

An Elegant Decoration

As I mentioned above, Cast Iron Teapots fits nearly every decor style from traditional, vintage to a modern one. You can see their existence in traditional Japan house to minimalist Stockholm house.

Which Are The Best Cast Iron Teapots To Buy?

If you find difficulty deciding, you can consult my list of 13 suggested Best Cast Iron Teapots. However, don’t forget to read their detailed reviews below before purchasing.

How To Pick A Suitable Cast Iron Teapot?

When choosing the right Cast Iron Teapot, there are particular features you should consider, such as the following:


As I mentioned before, Cast Iron Teapots were first made in China and Japan. Until now, most of Cast Iron Teapots are made in these two countries. Therefore, if you don’t pay attention, you might risk of purchasing fake products.

While original items are made of pure Cast Iron, fake ones are made of alloy coating. These counterfeit products not only have short-term durability but also adversely affect your health.

If you choose the products wisely, you can have handmade crafted Cast Iron Teapots completely by local artisans.

The Capacity

If you are a tea lover spending your time drinking tea alone, a small capacity of about 20 to 27 oz will suit your demand.

You should consider larger ones from 30 to 40 oz if your whole family drink tea or you usually invite your friends for teatime.

The Aesthetics

About five years ago, most of Cast Iron Teapots on the market have a traditional appearance with black colors featuring cherry blossoms, peony, fish-scales patterns.

However, due to the demand, many companies nowadays begin to produce products that have more appealing shapes for modern décor style. Many colors are available such as light pink, yellow, etc. for you to choose from.

Therefore, consider the style of your house before purchasing to make sure the teapot blend with other housewares.

The Compatible With Heat Resources

Not all the Cast Iron Teapots can go with induction, flame or electric burner. If your teapot is not compatible with heat resources, you probably have to buy a tea kettle to boil your water before pouring to the teapot.

Which Are The Best Brands of Cast Iron Teapots?


This brand established in 2010, which aims in traditional Japanese Cast Iron Teapots. This company doesn’t only want to give the most innovative technologies but also brings the tea ceremony’s spirit into their products.

Sotya provides us a wide range of choices with different sizes, colors, and shapes. All of their products are inspired by Japanese art with blossom flowers, Fish-scales patterns, etc. Sotya’s products will bring a sense of tradition and elegance to your house.


Cast Iron Teapots from this brand is popular among users as they have a beautiful design that combines traditional culture with a touch of modern life. The Cast Iron they use for their teapots is food-grade material.

If you don’t satisfy Toptier’s products’ quality, you can get a free refund without questions.


This is a family-owned business that has designed and created household products since 1991. Primula offers us affordable priced products with excellent quality. Although this brand does not have many choices for us, every

Cast Iron Teapot they made is very popular among customers.

If you are a tea lover, you know their Dragonfly Cast Iron Teapot, a big hit at that with a short, unique shape and elegant dragonfly.

How To Clean A Cast Iron Teapot?

After each use, don’t clean it immediately as the temperature difference will lead to breaking the teapot. You should wait until it is cool completely.

Then rinse and gently clean the pot with your hand or soft dishwashing pads. If you rub it too hard, the painting on the surface may be chipped off.

It is not recommended to use soaps or any dishwashing detergents as it will deteriorate your teapot. Just warm water and then use a clean cloth to wipe the outside.

You should probably clean it regularly, even when you don’t use it. However, if you don’t have much time to do it, follow my method, and you will better care of your teapot.

Firstly, use a soft brush to clean the rusted area. Remember to do it gently.

Then, fill the teapot with used loose tea leaves and boil water. This is because the Tannic acid in the tea will react with the red iron rust to form a natural seal. This seal is a blue-black compound called ferric tannate. It is stable and will prevent the reoccurrence of the rust.


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